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35 Swingin’ Backyard Swing Ideas


Swinging in the gentle breeze is an awesome way to spend a summer day. Check out 35 swingin’ backyard swing ideas!

Welcome to our backyard swing gallery!

When you are set on kicking back and enjoying your yard, nothing is better than the right seat. There are countless seating options for an outdoor area, but one category stands alone.

Yard swings can serve multiple functions. A swing can be an entertaining activity, both for children and the adult who is young at heart; or it can be the perfect spot to rock back and forth while enjoying the outdoors, wrapped up in a blanket, favorite drink in hand.

There are different styles of swings available, and some styles of swings are designed for recreational use. These kinds of swings are usually sturdy, or hung from something that is, such as a tree. They also have a much higher swing range than other swings not designed for this purpose. Families with kids or people who just have a young spirit love these kinds of swings. These recreation swings provide the fun and exciting experience of swinging as high as you can, feeling the wind, and touching the sky.

The other type of yard swing is a relaxation swing. These are not designed for rough use, and can break if you swing on them aggressively. These kinds of swings are better utilized for casual and relaxed swinging. This is a seating option that is great for social situations, swinging softly by a fire, swaying on a porch as you watch the sunset, or rocking back and forth as you dive deep into a book.

What are the pros and cons to getting a yard swing?


  1. Fun – Swinging can be a good time. The high flying excitement of a recreation-style swing and the slow back and forth on a porch swing are both fun, and can give your yard more entertainment value.
  2. Relaxing – People love to rock back and forth. It is soothing and helps us relax. A yard swing can make your yard even more calming.


  1. Safety – Swings can be dangerous if people are not careful around them. Children should be always supervised on swings.
  2. Maintenance – A swing structure can change over time from stress and repeated usage. Keeping an eye on the integrity and the state of the structure in general is a good idea. If you let it go unchecked too long, a swing could give way, possibly causing someone injury.

If you are on a budget, you can find yard swings as cheap as $100. Because there are moving parts, and swings take some abuse over time, the less expensive and sturdy swing you choose may be indicative of its lifespan. More expensive models will likely be made with better materials and a heartier design, and thus will last longer under similar strain. If you are looking for a higher end model you may spend upward of $2,200.

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An excellent way to make a sturdy and durable swing is to hang it from the structure of your patio. The structural beams are made to hold weight, and will likely be fine with the extra strain of a swing.

Swings are great for kids. Many swing sets that are made for children have various types of swing seats included. Choices and options increase the entertainment value for children. This set up is perfect for those looking to build wooden swing sets or a backyard swing set. Source: Zillow Digs™

 In this picture there is a swing that has been hung from a porch structure. The design of this swing is large and flat, which allows for multiple people to sit or even lay on it as it swings. This giant swing chair can be used to replace your conventional outdoor furniture, getting a massive comfortable cushion on this swing should do the trick.  Source: Zillow Digs™

The quintessential swing design is a wooden plank hung by two ropes from a branch. This kind of swing can be homemade and is as sturdy as the branch you find to hang it from. This style brings an interesting and rustic country-style appeal to a backyard. This outdoor swing is very easy to make, just a few extra steps from the good old rope swing. 

If you like swings, but don’t have the space for one, you can can get a swing for visiting critters. A swing styled bird feeder is interesting and lets your winged friends enjoy a swing. This is perfect for those with a small yard that want to attract some wildlife  to give more life to their home. WHo says birds don’t like to have their own glider swing?  Learn more here.

Here is a swing that has a comfortable seat with a high back suspended from an independent rig. This design allows you you sit in comfort and spin around to see any aspect of your yard from your swing. This awesome wooden swing is perfect to relax on a nice day, make sure to buy a nice seat cushion to go with it. 

Here we can see a simple and modern porch swing with a bench seat. This is is an amazing place to sit in the evening, wrapped in a blanket reading a book or enjoying the sunset sipping your favorite beverage. This swing is very easy to set up, you just need to hang it from your porch ceiling and you’ll have the perfect piece of furniture for your outdoor living space. Source: Zillow Digs™

A classic and simple yard swing looks great out among the trees. It can be a wonderful escape to walk out to your swing and rock back and forth as you enjoy nature at its best. Yet another wooden swing set to add to our list, they look beautiful and will last a long time outside.

This is a classic white wicker porch swing with a comfortable padded seat. This is the kind of swing that would be ideal for starting your morning on a sunny Sunday with a cup of coffee, while you watch the sun rise. Perfect alternative for the conventional outdoor furniture that you’ll find in any store.  Learn more here.

Here is a classic bench seat swing with a finely crafted wood design. Chains are ideal to hang a swing like this, as they are strong, have high weight capacity and are very durable.

When looking for a porch swing, you will find a large number of styles and designs. A design like the one in this picture, with raw and unfinished wood for a rustic appeal, is great for a cabin look or a space out in the woods. Source: Zillow Digs™

Another incredibly simple and easy swing to put up is a tire swing. You may already have the materials to make this kind of swing. If you have a large old tire, a rope, and a sturdy branch, you are ready to go.

Having a swing by a fire pit is a great way to enhance the experience of sitting around a roaring blaze with your friends. This particular design circles the entire pit with five bench swings, letting everyone at the party enjoy the ability to swing. If you want to make this even better and hold lots of people, we suggest you use a steel frame to build it and avoid any accidents.Source: Zillow Digs™

Putting a yard swing out in a shady area is a great way to create an escape. This swing is isolated in the shade of a large tree. A great way to enjoy nature is swaying back and forth under a shady tree. The only thing missing here is a nice picnic table to have lunch during sunny summer days. 

This porch swing has a long, wide design. It allows for you to be laid back and relaxed as you enjoy a morning coffee and breakfast, an afternoon tea, or simply lying back with a loved one enjoying the weather. Source: Zillow Digs™

Not all porch swings have a country or rustic design, as displayed here by this simple and modern porch swing. This swing is ideal for an updated and minimalistic design. There are no frills or fancy ornamentation, just a simple and sleek design with the ability to swing.

This swing is hung by chains from an overhang that also holds two large hanging planters. Hanging flower planters adds some visual appeal to your swing, making it even more relaxing and inviting.

If a bench swing is too large for the space you have available, or you simply don’t like to share your seat with others, you can find hanging porch swings that are single seats. This is a metal single seat swing hung by chains. A metal swing is easy to clean and looks good with almost any design.  Learn more here.

Here is a swing with a raw wood feel, which appears to be made from found and unfinished wood. This looks great out in a garden, among the large stones and near a stream. This natural wood design blends well into nature.

Because they are hung, swings need to be on relatively flat ground, otherwise the angle of the ground can be felt on the swing. If you don’t have enough even ground, a simple patio area can can even out your ground and add a new element to your yard.

A simple and elegant metal swing can add a great deal to any design. This swing has plastic sheaths on the chains which is a good idea. Chains have the potential to pinch fingers and hands if you are not careful. These kinds of sheaths are great for helping prevent these injuries. Learn more here.

The good thing about having a swing made from wood is that wood is a material that accepts paint and finishes very well. This means that wooden swings can be painted to match any design.

This swing is a rustic natural log design that would be simple to coat in any finish you would like. You could make the bench match any tone or design. This swing is also suspended from long wooden arms that are attached by small chains near the top. This limits the sway, and gives a more even and predictable forward swing.  Learn more here.

Some metal and fabric yard swings have overhangs that provide their own shade. These are the perfect kinds of swings for poolside. You can sit and swing softly in the shade as you watch your kids swim, or push back the overhang and sway in the sun after you are done swimming laps. This is perfect for those looking for a durable swing seat.

In this picture, there is a sleek and simple yard swing that has a leaned back and relaxed seat. A metal frame is a durable styled frame that has a small and simple profile. A metal frame does not need to be as thick as other materials to have equal or even greater weight bearing capabilities. This is a great outdoor swing to relax. Learn more here.

Here is an interesting yard swing with a simple and minimal design. The simple and bright color of this seat works well with any design, and would look great in any garden. If you don’t want a wooden swing but want an outdoor swing that lasts long then this is for you.

An egg shaped swing is a design you don’t see too often, but is a fun and functional shape. With this kind of partially enclosed swing seat, you can fill it with pillows and have a comfy area to sink into. This swing is small and self contained, so it is easy to move wherever you need it. Perfect option for those with a small outdoor patio.   Learn more here.

This swing is suspended from a simple archway with a flat plank seat. If you don’t have many trees nearby, this is a workable alternative to hanging the flat plank seat from a branch. You can make this swing with a nice material like cedar. 

There are some unique yard swings available. This interesting swing has a teardrop shaped canopy over a reclined seat. Most swings are designed to swing back and forth; while this design still moves back and forth there is more room for a side to side swinging motion. This is a portable, more secure version of a hammock. Learn more here.

This swing has a circular seat suspended from a wooden frame. The circular seat is great for sitting facing either direction or even laying down. This is another perfect option for those with a small yard that are looking to improve their outdoor living space. 

This poolside circular swing has a large swing seat so that it may fit multiple people. This swing’s suspension allows it to sway in any direction, even in circles. This range makes this swing versatile and fun. While other swings have limited direction, you can swing in 180 degrees as you wish. This is an awesome option for outdoor furniture to use next to a pool.  Learn more here.

Unlike many styles of swings that have a free standing base, this swing is planted firmly into the ground. That is why the base of this swing is far more durable. While this does sacrifice mobility, it also increases the longevity and safety of this structure. To increase it’s durability, make sure to use steel swing chains to secure it. 

Classics are classics for a reason. This porch swing is a classic and simple design that fits well on any porch. Another swing that is only missing a nice picnic table. Learn more here.

If your wooden frame is larger and your swing seats are smaller, you can fit multiple seats on the frame. Singular swing seats can be as relaxing and welcoming as the longer bench style seating. You can use this to replace a swing set or an outdoor playset.

Here is a simple natural log and unfinished wood porch swing on a porch. The railing on the porch behind the swing is missing so that the swing does not collide with the railing. It is important to know the range of your swing and make sure anything it may collide with is moved a safe distance away. This is an amazing design for a swing chair, it’s the perfect place to read a book and relax outdoors.  Learn more here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the pros and cons to getting a yard swing?

If you are getting a swing set for kids, the pros are endless hours of fun outside with the family and the cons are ruined lawns.

Should you add a swing to your porch, deck or patio?

Swings are great for people to relax and have fun outside, the only problem with getting a swing for your patio or deck is that they tend to be bigger than conventional patio furniture.

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