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Tim Carter Covid Survival Story


The following is the saga of my survival from Covid-19. I’m grateful to be able to type and share with you that I’m in the third group – where 99.5% of us that contract the illness SURVIVE.

John Hopkins recently published that across all age groups in the USA, the survival rate is 98.4%.

That’s a fact that I feel many are overlooking. Covid is not like Yellow Fever. If you contracted that years ago before they knew how to deal with it, you had a 1 in 2 chance of surviving. In other words, the mortality rate of Yellow Fever was 50%. That would absolutely get anyone’s attention. But a 0.5% mortality rate? It’s something to ponder.

If you disagree with anything above or below, I will not engage you in a discussion unless you happen to be an expert in the area you’re offering your response. Please provide that CV when you submit your comments to me. Sans the CV, you’ll not hear back from me. I’ve adopted this posture because Covid has polarized just about all in the USA. Everyone has an opinion about all aspects of Covid. Opinions in a respectable discussion are like bringing a rubber knife to a gunfight. Facts trump opinions all the time. You want to bring facts to a discussion. Period.

Bottom Line: Please don’t contact me with your opinions. Thanks.

When Do You Believe You Were Infected?

I’m pretty much convinced it was Sunday, August 8th at church. My wife Kathy contracted it at the same time because we both exhibited our symptoms within hours of one another. She only leaves the house twice a week, both to go to church. On the other day she attends church, there are but a handful of people at the church and she sits far from them. We know one of the other ushers we had close contact with on August 8th was admitted to the hospital with Covid on or about August 10th and he had been previously vaccinated. It’s also possible the infection came from other vaccinated individuals who could have been shedding spike proteins. Of course, it’s impossible to know exactly who infected us and the actual mechanism.

How Healthy Were You Before You Contracted Covid?

I’m extremely healthy. I’ve been about twenty pounds overweight since my late 20s and I’ve had slightly elevated blood pressure for years. But I have no underlying chronic illnesses. I’ve never smoked and I rarely consume any alcohol. I could easily walk five miles a day before getting Covid.

What Did You Feel Like When You Knew Something was Wrong?

I’ve been susceptible to the seasonal flu my entire life. Kathy is just the opposite. She’s only had mild cases twice and both were when her immunity was down because of being pregnant.

Me, on the other hand, I used to get the flu if someone just looked at me. In my 20s and 30s, I know I got the flu each year. Sometimes it was so bad I couldn’t move for days. I have an intimate relationship with the flu and know how it feels early on, as it’s raging, and as it goes away.

I know very well the odd feeling you start to feel as the flu digs in its heels in your chest. I started to feel those early signs on or about August 11th. It started with a tiny tickle in the back of my throat that produced a shallow cough. Then each day after that the typical flu symptoms flourished. They were:

  • intense brain fog with the inability to think or make decisions
  • worsening cough with generous amounts of phlegm
  • definite reduction in hearing
  • inability to keep eyes open
  • debilitating fatigue
  • complete loss of appetite – I lost sense of taste and smell about five days into the illness
  • any and all other typical flu-symptoms

How Sick was Kathy?

She was barely sick at all. She just felt tired and a little funky for about 36 hours. After that she just got tired faster each day. I attribute this to her natural immunity to respiratory diseases her entire life as I mentioned earlier.

Did You Go to the Doctor and What Did She/He Say?

I finally went in to see my personal doctor about a week into the illness. It was one of my worse days. The doctor was out so I saw one of his physician assistants.

They performed the nose swab and within minutes had a positive result. She asked some routine questions and then said, “Go home. Take Ibuprofen if you want. Go to the ER if things get worse. Quarantine for 10 days.” I was then given the bum’s rush out of the offices. I’ve yet to receive a simple follow-up phone call from my doctor’s office to see how I’m doing or even on the same side of the grass. I find that disappointing when you see how dentist offices have no problem calling patients the day before to remind them of an appointment.

What Medication Did Kathy Give You?

Kathy gave me the following things each day:

The list of drugs will be posted on Saturday, September 4th by 6 PM Eastern Time.

Did You Ever Go to the ER and get help at the Hospital?

No. It got very close the day after visiting the doctor, but I didn’t go for a number of personal reasons.

When Did You Finally Start to Feel as if You Had Beaten Covid?

On August 30th I finally started to see a significant change in my ability to concentrate. I had less trouble keeping my eyes open. I was more alert.

I was well enough on August 31st and just out of quarantine to get a haircut and stop by the grocery store. But that experience wiped me out by the time I got home.

As the week wore on, I got much much better each day. I’m writing this on September 3rd and feel fantastic. Just ten days ago it would have been impossible to even look at a computer screen much less type all you see above.

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