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22 Creative Lattice Fence Ideas for Gardens and Backyards


Check out our list of 22 creative lattice fence ideas for home gardens and backyards, showing the fresh and fun ways these can spice up any yard.

If you are looking for a classic, appealing, and easy option for fencing, lattice fencing is your best bet. Lattice fencing is most often found in gardens and patios, but can be used almost anywhere.

Lattice fencing is a classic style of fence, with many different uses. You can use lattice fence in a number of different ways, depending on your needs and space. The versatility and aesthetically pleasing nature of the wooden lattice makes it a favorite for gardens, fences, and patios alike.

Another advantage that makes lattice fencing a staple of gardens, is the ease in which plants can climb it. Many lattice fences become verdant garden walls covered in vines. A vine covered lattice works well to accentuate a flowerbed or vegetable garden.

Lattice is also often used as freestanding dividers, archways, and walls in yards. This is an interesting method for breaking up an open space, or creating a flow and motion to your outdoor areas.


  1. Cost – Lattice fence is a very affordable option when compared to other kinds of wooden fences. Other kinds of fences can cost up to twice as much as a simple lattice fence.
  2. Versatility – There are countless uses for a bit of wooden lattice. From waist high garden walls to 6 foot perimeter fences, the wooden lattice fits almost anywhere. And after you install your fence, there are a multitude of creative projects that can use leftover lattice.
  3. Plant friendly – The wooden lattice fence is an amazing option for climbing plants and gardens. This is why lattice fence is a perfect fit for plant lovers and people looking to build a verdant lively look.
  4. Ease – Lattice fence is easy to install and work with. Whereas other fence options can be quite labor and time intensive, lattice can be a fast and pain-free installation process.
  5. Appeal – Lattice fence is aesthetically pleasing. For this reason it is a great option for porches and front yards. Placing lattice fence in the front of your house is a great way to boost your curb appeal.
  6. Complementary – Wooden lattice plays well with others. There are very few styles that will clash with a well-used lattice fence or wall. Existing fences can be accentuated and added upon with wooden lattice fencing.


  1. Privacy – Because of the nature of the lattice, there are visible holes in the fence. This can be a problem if you are looking to have complete privacy from your fence.
  2. Durability – Lattice fence is not the most durable kind of fence, and therefore cannot take as much abuse. So if you need your fence to withstand any kind of extensive strain, you should consider a different option or be prepared for regular maintenance.
  3. Maintenance – It is important to check your wooden lattice fence for signs of mildew, rot, and damage. When these things happen it increases the chance of further reducing the durability of the lattice. And when the lattice breaks, it can be complicated to replace a small portion of it, and it may come down to replacing entire sections of the fencing.

The best thing about lattice fence compared to a solid wood fence is the cost. Lattice fence ranges from $20-$60 per linear foot, as compared to a solid board fence that can reach higher than $100 per linear foot of coverage (Source: Cost Owl).

Find out more about all the fence options you have and be sure to check out our list of fence design software options.

This rough lattice fence has a nice unfinished rustic look.

A lovely white privacy fence with a decorative lattice top. Purely lattice fences are rare in residential areas, as privacy is often the chief concern. Source: Zillow Digs™

On this rooftop patio, the lattice is used to extend an existing fence, and provide the vines with a tall area to expand.

This backyard features an Asian style narrow patio bordered on one side with a decorative latticed fence. The top of the lattice panels are scalloped. Source: Zillow Digs™

This vine-free lattice works well as a waist-high gated fence.

Thicker slats provide a more durable version of a typical lattice fence, seen here surrounding this quaint garden and patio.

A traditional use of lattice fencing, accompanied with vines and flowers.

Wooden privacy fences are much more common than lattice, but lattice is used as a decorative element in many yards to dress up a plain fence.

Here’s another example of how lattice fences are used as decoration on top of privacy fences. Another notable element of this backyard is the zig-zagging bench along the planting beds.

This stylish lattice fence provides this pool area with an interesting visual component.

A low and short lattice fence outlines this property, allowing the blooming bushes just inside of the yard to be see from outside of the property.

This home’s property is bordered by two different styles of fences: on the sides visible to the street, picket fences are used, while the side of the home that is shared with the neighbors is bordered by a privacy fence with a lattice border.

Even lattice with a smaller opening between slats can allow the vines to crawl and line the sides of overhangs.

A clean lattice fence divides this space without blocking too much visibility.

This rustic and natural looking lattice fence backs some flower bushes.

This is a simple and clean lattice fence with an arched gate.

A tall lattice fence gates off these planters from the rest of the yard.

A garden has overtaken nearly all of the lattice fencing in this verdant sitting area.

A garden has overtaken nearly all of the lattice fencing in this verdant sitting area.

Lattice serves to accentuate the top of this solid privacy fence. When not on its own, lattice fencing works well with almost every other kind of fence.

A high white lattice fence punctuates this well kept garden.

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