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Mark Twain’s Mansion in Redding, CT (Listed for $4.2 Million)


Mark Twain is a world famous American author who was most prominently known for writing the classic novel The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. He purchased a mansion in Redding, Connecticut back in 1908 and lived there until his death in 1910. This mansion is now on the market priced at $4.2 million.

The mansion was named Stormfield after Mark Twain’s last published story. It stood on 28 acres of land adjoining a 161-acre land trust. The Tuscan villa style mansion is measured at 6,300 square feet with four bedrooms, six bathrooms, three fireplaces, large formal rooms, an eat-in kitchen with adjoining family room, and a living room that has hand-painted, wood-beamed ceiling and fireplace with a library alcove. The house also boasts of hardwood and marble floors, a detached pool-carriage house, a heated pool, a three-car garage, a caretaker cottage, and multiple terraces around the main house.

The listing agent for Mark Twain’s mansion, Stormfield, is Laura Freed Ancona of William Pitt Sotheby’s International of Ridgefield Brokerage in Ridgefield, Connecticut.

  • Upon entry into the mansion, you are welcomed by this simple foyer with a console table on one side across from the wooden bench. These are then complemented by wall artworks and groin arch ceilings. Image courtesy of
  • The living room has an intricate coffered ceiling with rich detail and a chandelier over the wooden coffee table paired with a sofa set across from the fireplace. on the far side by the windows is a grand piano. Image courtesy of
  • This is the family room with a brown leather sofa set paired with a cushioned coffee table and a cushioned bench on the far wall. These are then complemented by the surrounding glass windows. Image courtesy of
  • This is the formal dining room that has a long wooden rectangular dining table surrounded by patterned upholstered chairs topped with a chandelier. On the far side is a set of mirrored furniture that matches the wall-mounted mirror. Image courtesy of
  • This is a view of the family room on the far side a few steps from the breakfast nook of the eat-in kitchen that has a small round wooden dining table surrounded by wooden chairs and a wooden cushioned bench by the windows. Image courtesy of
  • Across from the breakfast nook is the kitchen with a square kitchen island that has wooden cabinets and drawers to match the cabinetry lining the walls with the same dark countertop brightened by windows. Image courtesy of
  • This bedroom has a hardwood flooring, a large white platform bed flanked by brown pillars and a large cushioned white sofa across from the bed by the windows that bring in natural lighting. Image courtesy of
  • This bedroom has a large wooden sleigh bed with white sheets and pillows to match the light tone of the walls and the ceiling. On the far side is a green dresser contrasted by the hardwood flooring. Image courtesy of
  • This is the nursery and playroom of the house with a wooden kids bunk bed that has an attached slide across from the large fireplace with dark mantel. The hardwood flooring is covered with a large area rug for the play area. Image courtesy of
  • This bathroom has a white pedestal sink, a white porcelain toilet, a white door and a white shower curtains that stand out against the consistent dark marble tone of the floor and the walls of the bathroom. Image courtesy of
  • This bathroom has a floating glass counter that supports the two blue glass sinks under the wide mirror across from the large bathtub and glass-enclosed shower area. brightened by the row of windows. Image courtesy of
  • This is a close look at the library that is a few steps from the living room with wooden built-in book shelves on the walls stretching from floor to ceiling matching the hardwood flooring. Image courtesy of
  • The covered porch of the house terrace has multiple arches and pillars of bright beige tone adorned with shrubs. In the middle of the covered area is an outdoor dining area with a wooden dining set. Image courtesy of
  • This is the patio with an outdoor dining set of wooden table and chairs on concrete block flooring looking over the surrounding landscape of grass lawns, shrubs on the side and tall trees. Image courtesy of
  • Above the covered porch is the balcony on the upper floor with an outdoor dining area, multiple lounges and chairs as well as railings on the side and red tile on the roof with background of grass lawns and trees. Image courtesy of
  • This is a view of the detached three-car garage with a caretaker’s apartment above it. It has beige exterior walls, brown garage doors and a blue door for the apartment flanked with potted plants. Image courtesy of
  • This is the cozy living room of the apartment that has beige sofas and cushioned arm chairs on terracotta flooring tiles topped with an arched ceiling that has a skylight and a balcony door on the side. Image courtesy of
  • This is the apartment bedroom with a small cottage bed with a glass-top bedside table bearing a lamp and a chest on the foot of the bed. The windows illuminate the white walls and ceiling. Image courtesy of
  • This is the pool area of the property with a bean shaped pool lined with concrete blocks and surrounding grass lawn and a background of the tall trees and a view of the apartment and garage. Image courtesy of
  • This is an aerial view of the mansion showcasing its beige exterior walls, multiple windows, red tile roof and the surrounding lush landscape of wide grass lawns, stone walls and tall trees. Image courtesy of

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Samuel Langhorne Clemens was fascinated by thoughts of adventure as a boy, dreams that he later wrote about when he took on the pen name Mark Twain, which translated, was steamboat slang for 12 feet of water. Later in his life, he moved to Connecticut to be closer to his publisher, and he eventually purchased a stunning estate outside of Redding that he called Stormfield – named after his last published story during his life, Captain Stormfield’s Visit to Heaven.

He was only able to live there for two years before he died in 1910. It is now on the market, listed at $4.2 million.

Twain was a prolific writer who produced a variety of literary works, magazine and newspaper articles, poetry, short stories, and novels. Many say his most notable are The Gilded Age, written in 1873, and, of course, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, written in 1876. Twain was an avid traveler who visited a good portion of the world and wrote about the countries he visited, which he both praised and criticized.

His experiences broadened his critical thinking on many subjects, including religion, resulting in his strong opinions on many subjects.

At age 72, Clemens purchased Stormfield, where he lived until his death. Sited on 28 acres adjoining a 161-acre land trust, the 6,300-square-foot home is built in the Tuscan villa style, which Clemens fell in love with during his Mediterranean travels. A large house, it has four bedrooms and six baths, Clemens especially admired the beauty of the rural countryside surrounding it.

After his death in 1910, the house was badly damaged in a fire but was reconstructed in 1925 incorporating the same look, original gardens, stone walls, and pillars. There are four bedrooms and six baths, three fireplaces, large formal rooms, and a big eat-in kitchen with an adjoining family room. The living room has the extra bonus of a hand-painted, wood-beamed ceiling and fireplace with a library alcove.

Floors are hardwood and marble. The house has a detached pool-carriage house with a heated pool, and there is a three-car garage with a caretaker cottage above that has two bedrooms, a bath, living room, kitchen, and deck. There are multiple terraces around the main house for outdoor dining.

Although people usually associate Twain, who William Faulkner referred to as “the father of American literature” with Missouri and the Mississippi River, he lived in many places including San Francisco, Nevada, Cincinnati, Philadelphia, and New York. He lived most of his adult life in Connecticut, including Stormfield and his home in Hartford, which is now the Mark Twain House & Museum and is open to the public.

The listing agent is Laura Freed Ancona of William Pitt Sotheby’s International, Ridgefield Brokerage, Ridgefield, Connecticut.

Photo credit: Bernadette Queenan

Aerial Photo credit: Aerial 360 Solutions


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