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Billy Graham’s Cottage in Montreat, NC (Listed for $599,000)


Billy Graham is a world-famous evangelist, presidential spiritual advisor to multiple presidents, and a best-selling author of dozens of books. He was dubbed as “America’s Pastor”. His Montreat, North Carolina cottage is now on the market priced at $599,000.

The cottage sits on land measured at one-third of an acre with four bedrooms, two bathrooms, beautifully manicured grounds, mature trees and a paved patio. There are also stone steps that lead to a stream with a wooden bridge and walking paths through the surrounding forest. The house’s exterior has stonework that matches the garden walls. The interiors has blonde hardwood floors, wall paneling, a living room with a fireplace and more stonework, big windows, and built-in furnishings that match the wood paneling.

The listing of Billy Graham’s Montreat cottage is held by Brian Etheridge of Premier Sotheby’s International Realty’s Asheville office.

  • This is an exterior view of the cottage showcasing an asphalt driveway, stonework low wall, a grass lawn and a paved patio fitted with an outdoor dining area and lounge area outside the glass doors and windows. Image courtesy of
  • This is a view of the living room with a large stonework fireplace that pairs well with the hardwood flooring and wood wall paneling brightened by the large window along with multiple lamps. Image courtesy of
  • The living room has a patterned area rug underneath the rustic wood-top coffee table with metal wheels. This is paired with patterned sofas and throw pillows that stand out against the wooden elements. Image courtesy of
  • This is the library and media room that has three comfortable cushioned arm chairs, a stone fireplace and a TV on an entertainment shelf unit. These are complemented by the surrounding wood paneling and hardwood flooring. Image courtesy of
  • Through an entryway from the living room is the dining room with consistent wooden elements on its hardwood flooring, wall paneling and the large wooden round dining table paired with wooden chairs. Image courtesy of
  • The cozy kitchen has white cabinetry that are lining the walls topped with beige countertops and backsplash. These are then complemented by the bright shuttered windows and the stone flooring. Image courtesy of
  • This bedroom has a large white bed that stands out against the hardwood flooring. Across from the bed is a gray sofa, a wooden rocking chair, a wooden side table with a lamp and a small dresser with mirror. Image courtesy of
  • This bedroom has wall panelings that match the hardwood flooring and the wooden dresser on the side that has an attached desk. These make the white bed stand out along with its bedside drawers. Image courtesy of
  • The kids bedroom has a white wooden bunk bed with patterned sheets that match the area rug and the cushioned stool by the built-in study area and cabinets on the far wall by the windows. Image courtesy of
  • This other kids bedroom has two small beds, multiple built-in wooden shelves on the wall, a central bedside drawer in the middle of the two beds and a large built-in reading nook by the window with its own alcove and shelves. Image courtesy of
  • This is the large attic bedroom with an arched wooden paneled ceiling, hardwood flooring, a white bed and a lounge area with various cushioned arm chairs and a large sofa across from the stone brick fireplace. Image courtesy of
  • This is a closer look at the lounge area of the attic bedroom with a two-seater sofa, a glass side table bearing a lamp and three leather cushioned arm chairs. on the far wal are built-in shelves for books. Image courtesy of
  • This is a close look at the house patio with stone paved flooring, a low stonework wall separating it from the grass lawn and various dining and lounge areas to a background of thick trees. Image courtesy of
  • This is a far-off view of the cottage showcasing the concrete driveway lined on both sides with low stonework walls and grass lawns leading to the stone cottage. These are complemented by the surrounding mature trees and landscaping. Image courtesy of

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World-famous evangelist Billy Graham preached the gospel to more people than anyone else in the history of Christianity. Known as “America’s Pastor,” he served as a spiritual advisor to every U.S. President from Harry Truman to Barack Obama. Beloved by millions, he had friendly relationships with luminaries from Queen Elizabeth to Martin Luther King Jr.

Sometimes criticized for his inclusivist views, Graham preached against segregation and apartheid and urged unity between Catholics and Protestants. He wrote dozens of books, many of which became bestsellers, and received numerous awards including the Presidential Medal of Freedom. He first rocketed to national prominence with his “Crusades” – revivals held first in tents and later in stadiums across the world. He died in 2018 at the age of 99.

The Montreat, North Carolina cottage in which Graham and his family lived during his monumental movements is now on the market for the first time at $599,000. Under the current ownership of Graham’s daughter, Ruth, it has served as a vacation rental in which guests could experience the Grahams’ family life through a collection of original furnishings, books, photos, and mementos. Unfortunately, Ruth’s own daughter is gravely ill, and she has made the heartbreaking decision to sell the residence to pay for her medical treatments.

The four-bedroom, two-bath home sits on one-third of an acre of beautifully manicured grounds with mature trees and a paved patio for entertaining or relaxing with family. Stone steps lead to a stream with a wooden bridge and walking paths through the surrounding forest. The house’s charming stonework exterior matches the garden walls.

Inside, stunning blonde hardwood floors and wall paneling provide an atmosphere of rustic charm. The living room features a fireplace with more lovely stonework. Big windows bring in lots of light and picturesque forest views. Unique built-in furnishings match the wood paneling. With two levels of living space, the home has been lovingly maintained.

“This cozy cottage presents a unique opportunity to own a piece of history. Showcasing the legacy of Billy Graham, it maintains a historic charm while offering modern comforts,” says agent Brian Etheridge.

Montreat, a portmanteau of “mountain” and “retreat,” is a secluded village in the Asheville, North Carolina area with about 700 residents and no stoplights. Much of the retreat’s funding came from John S. Huyler, who in the late 1800s was the largest chocolate-candy manufacturer in the country and where Milton Hershey worked for several years. Many of the town’s buildings date to the early 1900s, and it has no commercial development.

The area is best known for the Presbyterian-affiliated Montreat Conference Center, Montreat College, and the Graham home. More than half the town’s land is under a conservation easement, with 30 miles of trails winding through the wilderness as well as ample opportunities for outdoor recreation, including paddle boating, canoeing, and fishing.

The listing is held by Brian Etheridge of Premier Sotheby’s International Realty’s Asheville office.

Photo Credit: Single Point Media


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