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Am House by AmDesign Architects + Time Architects + CTA | Creative Architects


Architects: Nguyen Huu Duy, Nguyen Duy, Bui The Long (AmDesign Architects, Time Architects, CTA | Creative Architects)

Year completed: 2017

Location: Can Giuoc, Long An Province

Ground Floor Area (GFA): 184m2

Storey: 01 floor

Construction: Local foreman and masons. Betonlab – Concrete finishing

Interior construction: Kim Quoc Co., Ltd

Suppliers: TOTO Sanitary. Viet Nhat Glass. Xingfa Aluminium Profiles Doors and Windows. Philips Lighting. Daikin Air Conditioning Solutions. Tôn Hoa Sen/ Hoa Sen Group Steel Sheet. Hoa Phat Group Steel Pipe. Ha Tien Cement

Photographs: Hiroyuki Oki

In the middle of a lush garden, relaxing and listening to the melody and sound of nature on the porch. Is that where you can feel the green of leaves and the blue of the sky, where you can feel the peace of mind and inner calm. Here, nature – home– human beings are integrated into each other and become ONE.

The project is a product of 3 young architects (now with 3 studios). The garden house is built on a 3,500 sq. m of land in Can Giuoc, Long An province. It takes 45 minutes to drive from District 7, Ho Chi Minh city.

The owner is living in an apartment in District 7. He is a marketing director for a large corporation. He copes with stress and under pressure at work all the time.

Therefore, he always wants to have a peaceful and joyful place where he can put the worries of the world away to find peace of mind, cultivate harmony and regenerate energy.

The building is designed with 5 separate blocks that are arranged randomly under a big thatched roof and right next to a lake. Using splitting blocks creates diverse views from both inside and outside of the building. Furthermore, it provides natural ventilation and natural daylighting to every space.

The sheet steel roofing system is covered by a thatched roofing system that is a signature architecture of Southwest Vietnam. It creates an eco-friendly and intimate feature that helps the building integrate into nature. Under the sheet steel roofing system, there is a ceiling system with wooden finishing material.

Because of the 03 layouts of the roofing system, the building can reduce heat and keep the indoor temperature lower than outdoor by itself. The wooden ceiling system is treated as the same color as the wood-lined concrete wall. Similar to the floor, we created a similar color as the wood-lined concrete wall color (the handmade wood grain concrete boards).

And without using tile flooring, we used grinding concrete floors to reduce the costs and make people feel comfortable while walking on the floor. The similarity of color and surface texture of all elements in the house creates a quiet and peaceful space that harmonizes with its surrounding landscape.

Along with the roofing system, there is a slot to get more daylight for the area in the middle of the house. Besides, thanks to that slot, people can feel and be aware of the movement of the sun throughout the day.

The large lake is designed as the same code as the floor that borders along both sides of the house. That feature is an eco-friendly element of landscape design and reduces heat for the house during hot summer days.

Based on the idea of the origin, in the building, we used a combination of solutions against heat, nature ventilation, contrast and unity of color, senses of material, and architecture strategy to incorporate nature into daily life. Am House has been defined as a peaceful, joyful, and freedom place where people can put the worries of the world away to find peace of mind, cultivate harmony and regenerate energy every weekend.

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