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How to Prevent Bats in Attic


How to Prevent Bats in Attic | Yes, the things in this box will prevent bats in your attic. Keep reading to understand WHY.

How to Prevent Bats in Attic – Very Easy

Bats frighten many people. The movie industry cranking out horror movies has helped foster the image that bats are evil and put in the same category as serpents.

The truth is bats are, for the most part, harmless and they’re really good at eating pesky insects. But when it’s time for them to rest, you don’t want them doing it in your attic for goodness sake!

Where do Bats Sleep or Rest?

Bats sleep or rest in dark places. They’re nocturnal mammals and are awake and moving about feeding when it’s dark. They prefer darkness to sleep just as many humans do. For this reason, bats seek out caves, dark places behind shutters, house and barn attics, or a dim or dark corner of a room.

How do Bats Get in my Attic?

Bats can get in your attic via:

  • small holes in your roof
  • a gable-end ventilation vent
  • a hole in a soffit
  • a gap in roof or chimney flashing
  • a gap in a roof ridge vent

The hole or gap can be quite small. Bats are similar to mice and they can contort their bodies to get through very narrow gaps, cracks, and small holes. A gap just 1/2-inch wide by 3 inches long is plenty of space for a bat to pass through.

Watch this video to see all the possible places where a bat can enter your attic:

What are Bat Valves?

A bat valve is a device that allows bats to exit where they sleep and roost but prevents them from re-entering the attic or dark place as dawn arrives. You can purchase these yourself and install them in the holes that bats are using to go in and out of your attic. Watch this second video showing the installation of a bat valve:

What is the Best Way to Prevent Bats in Attic?

The best way to prevent bats in your attic is to install bat valves and once you know they’re gone, seal up the entry holes or gaps.

The second-best way to give bats the bum’s rush is to install several bright LED smart light bulbs up in your attic.

Here’s a pack of 4 Peace LED smart bulbs. CLICK or TAP HERE to get quality smart bulbs now.

These bulbs can be controlled using an app on your smartphone and will automatically come on and go off so you always have bright light in the attic during the daylight hours.

The bats abhor bright light and they’ll leave the attic on their own to find a dark place to roost during the day. Keep reading to see why this light bulb method is the CHEAPEST way to remove bats from an attic.

What Does it Cost to Have Bats Removed from an Attic?

It might cost you well over $1,000 to have a professional come to remediate bats. A friend of mine spent $1,500 in the summer of 2020 to have bat valves installed and then the entry holes sealed up.

How Much Does it Cost to Have LED Bulbs On?

Let’s say you install two 8-watt LED bulbs that produce the same light as a traditional 75-watt incandescent bulb. Assume you pay 15 cents for every 1,000 watts of energy you consume. Assume the lights will be on for 12 hours a day.

Each bulb will consume 2,880 watts each 30 days. So in one month, the bulbs will consume 5,760 watts. Your cost would be about 87 cents. In a year, you’d spend about $10.45 for the electricity.

You can see why it’s probably a very smart move to install the smart bulbs FIRST to see if you can evict the bats from your attic before you hire a professional. No matter what method you choose, you want to seal up the gaps or holes to prevent the bats from entering in the first place.

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