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Capistrano House by CCA Centro de Colaboración Arquitectónica


Type: Comissioned

Use: Residential

Area: 400 m2

Location: Ciudad de México, México

Status: Built

Year: 2013

Architects: Bernardo Quinzaños, Ignacio Urquiza

Levels: 3

Team: Aida Hurtado, Carolina Almeida, Tadeo Franco, Manuel de la Torre, Alejandro Cruz Robles

Client: Confidential

Constructor: Factor Eficiencia

Other Specialists

Bibiana Davó,

Structural and Engineering: Eng. Adán Salazar

Photographer: Onnis Luque

Awards: Honorable Mention in the XIV Mexican Architecture Biennial, for the “Capistrano 9 House” project. Awarded by the Federation of Associations of Architects of the Mexican Republic. Mexico City, 2016.

Two volumes set perpendicular to each other, and one placed above the other, permit the necessary level of articulation so that each of the different dependencies has the desired level of exposure.

Geometry becomes the key tool for the correct layout of public and private areas, organizing the circulations and the relationship with the context by freeing up the perimeters. The living room, in the lightweight volume, blurs its boundaries in its relation with the outside, extending the visuals into the landscape, without losing the sense of comfort and coziness created by the nobility of the materials.

The specific and precise rhythm, achieved through the modulation of the window framing, brings a dynamism to the lightweight volume that contrasts with the massive and solid entrance body. Fragmentation versus continuity. The relationship between the two bodies does not work independently; instead, each one needs the other; the lower volume’s green roof, for example, functions as a garden for the bedroom on the upper level of the other volume. Two parts that function as a whole.

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