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House in Minamirinkan by Design Associates Nakamura


Location: Kanagawa

Program: House built for sale(Building A/Building B)

Lead Architects: So Nakamura

e-mail: [email protected]

Office Name: Design Associates Nakamura

Site area: A/114.99㎡ B/112.71

Building area: A/56.67㎡ B/48.75

Total floor area: A/97.50㎡ B/84.77㎡

Total floor area: 212.29㎡

Completion year: 2021.2

Photo Credits: Keishin Horikoshi / SS Inc.

Photographer’s e-mail: [email protected]

We planned to use a lot of wood for the interior materials and furniture in the house. By using different colors of wood, we designed a warm living space with different characters.

The two houses are divided into small volumes of roofs to harmonize with the city.

The slope direction of each roof is changed to harmonize with the townscape.

The unevenness of the exterior walls creates different shadows and changes the expression over time. We were able to create two houses that give the impression of being two integrated volumes.

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