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7 of the Best Travel Trailers and Campers with Bunk Beds


Traveling the country in a travel trailer is convenient, fun, and exciting. Having enough space for your family and friends can be challenging though, especially with limited capacity. Selecting a travel trailer with bunk beds is a great way to increase your sleeping capacity in your trailer.

Choosing the right travel trailer can be tricky. You want to enjoy all the modern conveniences while you travel the country, but you will want to have everyone spread out and have a place to sleep at night. Purchasing a travel trailer with bunk beds is the perfect way to expand your available sleeping space in your travel trailer.

Many bunkhouse travel trailers come with a range of options, which can make choosing a trailer difficult. Luckily, we have put together a list of the best travel trailers with a bunk bed to make your decision easier.

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What Is a Bunkhouse Travel Trailer?

There are so many trailer and motorhome options available for consumers nowadays that it can be downright overwhelming. How do you even know where to begin searching? Understanding what a bunkhouse travel trailer is can help you determine if this is the right sleeping solution for your family.

First, a bunkhouse travel trailer is a trailer that attaches to your vehicle. Unlike an RV or a motorhome with its own engine, a travel trailer relies on your vehicle to tow the trailer to your next location. This setup means that you will have to have a large SUV or truck to tow your travel trailer behind you.

Next, a bunkhouse travel trailer is a specific type of travel trailer that has bunk beds. Utilizing bunk beds in a trailer allows you to double your sleeping capacity in the same amount of space. Bunk beds will be stacked one on top of the other and are usually accessed by an included ladder. Some smaller travel trailers will have a bunk bed configuration in the same open room as the living space and kitchen.

A bunkhouse travel trailer differs by offering a separate and private room for the bunk beds. This room will usually have its own door and will offer plenty of room to spread out. At a minimum, a bunkhouse travel trailer will simply have two bunk beds in place.

The deluxe version of the bunkhouse travel trailer will feature a bunk bed along with a futon. These bunkhouse options usually have an additional slideout bed or a futon that can convert to additional sleeping space. When you are not using the futon as a bed, the futon can provide a fun and inviting place to hang out and relax.

Keystone Hideout Travel Trailer

If you are looking for the perfect travel trailer for your first purchase, you may want to consider the Keystone Hideout. This travel trailer comes with all the amenities you would expect to make traveling the road comfortable for you and your entire family. With plenty of available sleeping space and an expansive kitchen and bathroom, you’ll have plenty of room to spread out and relax while you travel the country.

This travel trailer comes in a whopping 44 different floorplans. This wide diversity allows you to choose the floor plan that best meets your needs. The travel trailer ranges in length from a 23-foot trailer all the way up to a 37-foot trailer. The average length trailer, at 31 feet, will weigh just slightly over 6,000 pounds, so be sure you have a truck with the towing capacity to handle this large bunkhouse travel trailer.

At its largest size, the Keystone Hideout trailer can accommodate up to 10 people comfortably. This space includes a spacious Queen size bed located at one end of the trailer and convenient bunk beds at the other end of the trailer. The bunk bed space measures 52 inches by 74 inches and has a ladder included in the trailer to allow easy access to this space. Additionally, both the sofa and the dinette space can transform to provide additional sleeping space for your entire family.

It is not just the massive sleeping capacity that makes this travel trailer so unique. The interior features crisp and clean lines and has modern finishes. This trailer is a great way to take all the comforts of home on the road with you, and you will not lack any modern conveniences.

The kitchen features an LED-lit backsplash and three large burners to prepare your meal. The travel trailer also has some counter space, a large sink, refrigerator, and pantry to store your supplies. Plus, the kitchen is conveniently located next to the table and dinette booth, which allows the whole family to spread out and share a meal.

The oversized bathroom has a shower, toilet, and sink. The shower can also double as an exterior shower, making it super easy to wash kids and pets that have been enjoying a day spent in the great outdoors. The entire travel trailer is air-conditioned and features a central furnace to keep you warm on chilly nights.

Plus, Keystone’s travel trailer has some modern amenities to make this a comfortable and modern camper. Enjoy interior surround, sound speakers, to play your favorite music, a TV antenna with a booster to watch your favorite shows, and a full-size walk on the roof of this trailer.

Forest River Cherokee Travel Trailer

Designed by Forest River, the Cherokee travel trailer is an excellent choice for a bunkhouse travel trailer. This bunkhouse is extensive and features many modern amenities that will make travel comfortable. Available in several floor plans, this mid-size travel trailer is ideal for your entire family.

The travel trailer measures about 31 feet long and weighs a little over 3,200 pounds, making it one of the heavier travel trailer options for its size. The trailer also features a water tank that holds 46 gallons and a wastewater tank that can hold 28 gallons at any given time.

If you are looking for a place to allow your family to spread out, this option from Forest River is ideal. Enjoy a massive King bed located at one end of the trailer and a bunkhouse located at the other end. The bunkhouse features enough room to house four beds, increasing your sleeping area. The bunkhouse features an integral ladder that allows you to gain access to the top bunks.

Plus, there is enough room in the King sized bedroom to allow a person to walk fully around the bed. This added space can really make you feel like you are traveling in luxury. Additional sleeping space can be found by transforming the sofa and dinette space into another bed.

One nice feature of this travel trailer is that there are two entrances into the trailer. There is one entrance to the bathroom and another entrance in the living space. Having two entrances can help cut down on the amount of dirt and debris tracked through the trailer and help keep control of traffic in the limited space.

Having a separate entrance to the bathroom is great for quick pit stops in the restroom or for washing down dirty kids and pets after a day of exploring in the wilderness.

The kitchen is large and spacious and includes an optional two-burner stove, refrigerator, microwave, and pantry area. There is ample counter space to allow you to spread out and prepare a meal. Additionally, the pantry is lockable and will enable you to stow away all of your snacks and ingredients safely.

Additional features on the travel trailer by Forest River include an exterior awning, cable television hook-ups, and an exterior shower that can provide hot or cold water. This space is ideal for hosing off large and bulky items that may be too big to fit in the shower or the kitchen sink.

Crossroads Zinger Travel Trailer

Crossroads has designed luxury travel trailer options for years, and this bunkhouse camper called the Zinger is one of the best designs yet. With plenty of room to spread out, loads of sleeping space for your entire family, and a lightweight design, this travel trailer is one of the best travel bunkhouse options available on the market.

The travel trailer by Crossroads can be customized to your exact needs with 33 available floorplans. Choose to have a small travel trailer that can accommodate four people sleeping, or choose a larger floor plan option that can easily accommodate up to 10 people. The trailer ranges in size, depending on the floorplan you choose. This travel trailer can be as small as 20 feet or as large as 38 feet. The small, 20-foot option weighs in at under 5,000 pounds, making this ideal for families with limited towing capacity.

The sleeping arrangements in the Zinger model are similar to other bunkhouse floorplan options. This trailer has a separate bedroom at one end of the trailer that houses a Queen bed, while a bunk bed configuration is located at the other end. The bunk bed has room for a top bed and bottom bed, both slightly larger than a Twin. An included ladder can access the upper bunk bed. The lower bunk bed is raised off the ground, adding valuable storage room for your belongings.

The bathroom on this model is small yet convenient, featuring a shower, sink, and toilet. The kitchen is a convenient L-shape and is open to the included dinette area. This space features a range, microwave, refrigerator, sink, ample counter space, and valuable storage pantry. The dinette table area can convert to an additional sleeping room. The integral couch can also be converted into valuable sleeping space.

This travel trailer has some fun, high-end design features that can make the trailer particularly comfortable. The small trailer is solar-power enabled, allowing you to find a sustainable and affordable power source to power your devices. Further, this trailer features a retractable exterior awning, allowing you to get more useable square footage out of the area surrounding your trailer. This trailer also features high-end finishes for the furnishings and a full-glass shower door in the bathroom.

The Zinger trailer also has an internal monitoring system. This system not only is a great way to keep an eye on your interior temperature but gives you safety notifications about your trailer. This design is an added luxury feature that can help give you peace of mind while you adventure in your small trailer.

Dutchman Aspen Travel Trailer

One of the best travel trailers and campers with bunk beds is the Dutchman Aspen travel trailer. This design comes in several floorplan configurations and gives you loads of room for your entire family to relax and sleep comfortably. The modern amenities put this travel trailer in a class of its own and provide just the right touch of luxury as you travel the country in style.

The Aspen travel trailer comes in 36 different floorplans, giving owners plenty of options to customize their trailer to their exact needs. The trailer comes as short as 21 feet or as large as 39 feet. The smaller options for this trailer weigh around 3,000 pounds, making them the perfect option for people who only have an SUV to tow their travel trailer. This lightweight puts this trailer in the ultra-lightweight travel trailers category.

The various available floorplans allow you to customize your sleeping arrangements. Choose from a small trailer that can sleep three people or a larger trailer to accommodate 10 people. This trailer features a Queen size bed, as well as a bunkhouse compartment with bunk beds. The bunk beds are stacked on top of one another, are Twin size, and are accessible through an included ladder.

The additional sleeping room is found in the convertible dinette. This area easily folds down to create extra beds. The couch in the living area can also convert to provide additional sleeping space. The trailer features a roomy bathroom with a shower, toilet, and sink.

The kitchen features a refrigerator, microwave, cooktop, and pantry to help store away your belongings. This travel trailer really exudes luxury with the high-end wood Radius finished cabinets in the kitchen’s overhead spaces. There is also plenty of counter space to allow you to spread out as your prepare your meal. Further, the kitchen features a room sink easily accessed as you move through the kitchen space.

There are many optional features for this travel trailer that really make it exceptional. Consider adding a retractable awning, complete with LED lighting to give you more purpose and use from the outdoor spaces. The trailer also features a high-output furnace to keep your unit warm on cold winter nights. One feature that really makes this bunkhouse travel trailer stand out is the high ceilings. This trailer features 6-foot interior ceilings throughout the trailer and has an 82-inch overall height.

Cruiser Embrace Travel Trailer

Tipping the scales at over 9,000 pounds, the Cruiser Embrace travel trailer is a large but spacious option for families traveling throughout the country. This large trailer has plenty of sleeping rooms, as well as multi-functional spaces that allow you to really make this travel trailer customized for your family’s needs.

While several floorplan options are available for the Cruiser Embrace travel trailer, the trailer will still measure about 36 feet long. This trailer is all about space, providing ample sleeping and living accommodations. Plus, this travel trailer has a particularly tall interior height, at six foot nine inches, which offers plenty of room for you to stretch and spread out.

The trailer features King size bed at the end trailer. This room is spacious and allows a person to walk around the bed comfortably. The other end of the trailer features a separate bunkhouse area. This area has two slideout options to accommodate the futon, as well as the bunk bed, giving you loads of room to spread out. Additionally, the dinette area can convert to a sleeping area, as well as the included sofa. In total, this travel trailer can sleep 10 people.

Inside, the furnishings are basic but very well-thought-out and planned. There is a small bathroom with a sink, toilet, and shower. There is also a small kitchen that features a sink, cooktop, and small refrigerator. The dinette area is conveniently adjacent to the kitchen, making meal prep and dinner time super easy and convenient.

This travel trailer has some fun outdoor features that adventurers will sure to love. There are an included awnings and an outdoor grill that will allow you to maximize your outdoor space. Inside there is a 39-inch television, perfect for watching movies on a rainy day. With minimal but essential features, this is an affordable and large travel trailer that can accommodate the entire family.

Palomino Puma Travel Trailer

The Palomino Puma travel trailer is an excellent choice for people who are seeking options and versatility. This travel trailer has 43 different floorplan options, making it one of the most customizable travel trailer options on the market today. With plenty of room to spread out and sleep, this travel trailer maxes out with 10 overnight guests.

The trailer comes in a range of models and floorplans that significantly impact the size and weight. At the small end of the scale, a 27-foot version of this travel trailer will weigh slightly over 5,000 pounds. At the large end of the spectrum, a 38-foot travel trailer will weigh close to 9,000 pounds. Either option you choose will require a heavy truck with a large towing capacity to accommodate the Puma travel trailer.

If you are looking for a travel trailer with loads of room to spread out, both the Puma28FQDB and the Puma 32RKTS model have an internal bunkhouse. These models feature a double bunk bed that will give kids and guests a space to call their own. An included ladder accesses the upper bunk bed. At the other end of the trailer, there is a Queen sized bed suitable for two people to share. If you require additional space, there is also a sofa bed in the integral sofa and a bed option under the dinette.

The travel trailer also has a limited bathroom, a sink, shower, toilet, and a functional kitchen. Compared to other travel trailers, the Puma model does not have high-end finishes. Expect the basic yet necessary fixtures such as a sink, cooktop, and small refrigerator to prepare a hearty meal.

This travel trailer is more cost-effective than other models, which largely has to do with the finishes. You do not have to give this trailer the white-glove treatment, which is perfect for busy and adventurous families who will get their full use out of the available space. There is the option to upgrade several aspects of this trailer, giving you the luxury and customization you want.

Owners may be able to add a power awning to use more of your outdoor space. Plus, additional luxury items for your trailer can always be added to your trailer at a later date.

Coachman Apex Ultra Lite Travel Trailer

If you want an innovative and eco-friendly travel trailer, consider the Coachman Apex Ultra-Lite option. This trailer is large but light, making it easy to tow. Plus, the trailer comes with all the sleeping rooms you could want, able to accommodate all of your family and friends for your next adventure.

There are many models available for this trailer, but the largest will measure just over 34 feet. Although in the ultra-light category, this trailer will still weigh 7,600 pounds requiring a large truck with extended towing capacity to be able to transport this trailer from place to place.

What really makes this trailer stand out from other options is the plethora of available sleeping rooms. At one end of the trailer, owners can enjoy a spacious Queen size bed, with windows overlooking the back of the trailer. At the opposite end, guests and kids can enjoy their own bunkhouse.

This room features bunk beds, accessed with an available ladder, and a futon that features an overhead bunk. Not only does this give you loads of sleeping rooms, but the bunkhouse can also function as a useable living space. There is an additional sleeping room by using the fold-out sofa or by collapsing the dinette.

The trailer features a large bathroom complete with a shower/tub configuration, sink, and toilet. The kitchen is also spacious and features a cooktop, microwave, refrigerator, and plenty of counter space to spread out. With plenty of lockable overhead cabinets, you will be able to find plenty of storage room for all of your belongings.

This small trailer has several convenient features that make camping and enjoying the great outdoors with friends and family fun. The trailer has an included awning and an outdoor kitchen area ideal for grilling burgers and hot dogs. Outside, you will also find available cable TV hook-ups, as well as a speaker, so you can listen to your favorite music as you prepare dinner.

The trailer also has a massive 6-gallon electric water heater to guarantee that you will never run out of hot water.


When it comes time to choose the right travel trailer for your needs, you want to make sure you are making the best decision for yourself and your family. Of course, finding the right amount of sleeping space is essential, but you also want to find a travel trailer with the needed amenities to make your camping trip fun and comfortable.

It can be downright overwhelming with how many options are available to consumers. To help make your decision easier, we have put together a list of frequently asked questions related to travel trailers, so you can make the best decision possible for your family.

Can you live in a truck camper full time?

While living in a truck camper may not be conventional, it is entirely possible. Many people choose to live in a truck camper because it offers them mobility and flexibility when it comes to their living conditions. A truck camper is affordable and convenient for many people.

Plus, with modern technology, a truck camper can have many of the same amenities you would come to expect in an apartment or a house. Many truck campers, travel trailers, and RVs come with a kitchen, sleeping area, and full bathroom. This space means that you can continue to live a modern lifestyle, enjoying your modern conveniences while still living on the road.

Why should I choose a camper trailer with bunk beds?

Choosing a camper trailer with bunk beds is a great way to increase your available sleeping space in your travel trailer. While many travel trailer floorplans will feature at least one bedroom, often with a larger bed, sleeping space can be rather limited. Additional sleeping space often means that you must rely on a fold-out sleeper sofa or use the convertible dinette option for guests.

Having a bunk bed means that you can get valuable sleeping space in just half the size. Bunk beds are stacked on top of one another and are the perfect option for kids to use. While most bunk bed options in a travel trailer feature Twin size beds, some feature a double bed configuration.

Plus, some bunk beds can utilize valuable storage room underneath the lower bunk, depending on the bunk bed configuration. Increase your available sleeping space without drastically changing your travel trailer’s length or weight with a bunk bed set up.

What size are travel trailer bunk beds?

When it comes to bunk beds in a travel trailer, most models and styles will have their own dimensions. These beds are usually 75 inches long and between 28 and 35 inches wide. While finding sheets and bedding for this odd size is not always possible, a set of Twin sheets should work perfectly fine to cover the bed.

If you have a travel trailer that features bunk beds, as well as an additional futon, your bed size may be slightly larger. Some futon configurations can spread out to accommodate a Double bed, giving you room to spread out or enough space to sleep two people on the same bed potentially.

What is the difference between an RV with a bunk bed and a bunkhouse?

An RV with a bunk bed and a bunkhouse are two very different travel options. An RV always includes the engine to run and move the accommodations and is drivable. A bunkhouse, comparatively, is usually a trailer that must be towed with a large SUV or powerful truck.

While the mechanisms to move the RV and bunkhouse are different, the bunk bed configuration is rather simple. Both an RV and a travel trailer will feature stacked beds, usually accessible by a ladder included with the trailer. These are most commonly Twin sizes and can accommodate one person per bed.

At what length can you expect to find a bunkhouse included in a travel trailer?

Often, adding a bunkhouse to a travel trailer will increase the size of your trailer length. This aspect is because a bunkhouse is usually an additional room at the opposite end of the master bedroom. While there are many floorplan configurations available, expect a travel trailer with a bunkhouse to be at least 20 feet long with different size bunkhouses.

Some more extensive options with more room to spread out can be close to 40 feet in length. Of course, always check your travel trailer’s weight and make sure you have a vehicle capable of towing your travel trailer.

What should I look for when buying a bunkhouse travel trailer?

When it comes time to purchase your bunkhouse travel trailer, you want to make sure you are choosing a trailer that works best for you and your family. Do you usually travel alone? Do you often have friends join you? How many people will you need to fit in your travel trailer comfortably?

If you have a small family of four or fewer people, you may not need a bunkhouse travel trailer to accommodate everyone comfortably. Many dinette sectionals or integral sofas can fold down to provide additional sleeping areas. This feature may be perfect for accommodating young children.

For larger families or families with older children, a bunkhouse may be necessary. This feature provides an entirely separate room with a bunk bed configuration. At a minimum, a bunkhouse will be able to provide two additional beds. Some bunkhouses also feature slideout beds, which can provide additional sleeping areas. If you have a large family or regularly travel with friends, look for a bunkhouse travel trailer with a slideout and futon to give you more space for everyone to spread out comfortably.

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