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Mudroom Design Statistics


If you’ve ever built a new home, tried adding or converting an additional room to your house then you know that making decisions on style, color, size and materials is what takes the longest amount of time. In this article we have done all the research you will need to make the decision process as fast as possible. We have separated all our statistics in easy to understand graphs and tables for you to know what people usually prefer to have in their mudrooms.

Most popular Mudroom Styles

We organized our table based on commonality, with the Traditional style being the most common and the Asian style being the rarest to find. It’s not a big surprise that the most common mudroom style is the traditional (it’s traditional for a reason), we were surprised to see that styles like Beach and Asian are further down the list.

List of the most popular to the rarest mudroom styles used around the world

Mudroom Sizes

Most popular mudroom sizes

The size of you mudroom will usually depend on the amount of space that you have available in your home, but we thought it would be helpful for those building a new home to know what others usually prefer their mudroom size to be. It’s understandable that medium is the most popular and expansive the least popular, you don’t want your space to be too small for your needs and you don’t want to miss use your space with an unnecessarily big mudroom.

Chart describing different mudroom sizes

Mudroom Front Door Statistics

Type of Mudroom Front Door












Mudrooms are usually at the side or back doors of a house, with this in mind it makes sense that people tend to go with a simple single door entrance. Mudrooms are usually used by family members or people living in the house so there is usually no need to spend the extra money on a fancy door.  

Mudroom Front Door Finish Statistics

The color you choose for your mudroom’s front door will usually depend on the overall aesthetic of you home. With this in mind you can see why white and gray are the predominant colors in this list. White and gray are found very often in most homes because they go with most styles.

Chart Describing the usage of each color for front doors in Mudrooms.

Mudroom Wall Color Statistics

Since mudrooms or mostly seen and used by family members, it’s rare to see homeowners choose an extravagant color for this part of the house. The most common colors are Beige, Gray and White which again, are very common colors to see in a house because they go with most styles.

Pie chart describing people’s wall color preference in mudrooms

Mudroom Floor Material Statistics

Mudrooms are used to connect the inside of the house to a backyard or just the outdoors. Family members come and go in to this part of the house with their shoes on after spending time outside, this requires more durable materials like Ceramic, Porcelain and hardwood. Of course your decision on the type of tile will also depend on the overall style you have chosen for your home but wouldn’t you prefer something durable and easy to clean?

Mudroom Floor Color Statistics

Using the same logic of the wall and door colors people tend to go with, it seems obvious that the most popular colors are Beige, Gray and Brown. These colors go with most styles and looking at the most popular types of tiles in mudrooms (Ceramic, Porcelain and wood), it seems like a no brainer that these three colors would be the most popular.

So there you have it! We have done most of the research and laid out most of the stats that you will need to make a decision on how to build your mudroom. You can also use this guide to determine if you are in the Common or the rare end of the spectrum with your own mudroom.


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