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House Tour :: A Desert Adobe that Embraces Softness and Simplicity


I always love for the first house tour of the year to be a nice palette cleanser, and this pared down desert home is it. The plaster walls bring such a welcoming softness, while the thoughtful furnishings keep things simple, but warm. I know I’ve said it before, but there are days when I wish I could empty our entire house and start over, to get down to the essentials, like this.

One thing to call out as we go through this home is that it was quite the intense renovation! Taking their time, both designer Sarah Solis and home owner Magdalena Wosinska really thought through each aspect of the build, making additions as authentic and seamless as possible. (You can read all about it in the original article on Domino!) One of those touches was the addition of all these perfect little built-in areas (like this one for the sofa) throughout, including some inset shelving that has me swooning.

Worn, warm wood is always my weakness, so this dining room moment – drenched in desert sun – is essentially my heaven. The succulents and palms throughout the home are also just intensely perfect Like the sparse, sculptural one below that bridges the dining room to the kitchen! In fact, the plants seem to almost be the art in the home, with the walls mostly bare throughout the space.

It was the kitchen that led me to discovering this home in the first place. When originally doing research for our cellar kitchen renovation, I was considering all sorts of finishes, and really loved the look in here for all its natural textures…

The countertops (and floors!) are concrete which make complete sense for a desert home – it keeps things nice and cool. The floating shelves and surround on the hood are all plaster. But the gorgeous textured backsplash is what really doest it for me! That combined with the inset wood cabinetry, it’s just gorgeous.

The home has several bedrooms, with the master being my absolute favorite and total perfection. Each one is quite similar, however, with low, built-in ‘nightstands’, sconce lighting, and cozy, textural elements.

I think I would have liked to seen some rugs on the floors, differentiating the rooms even a bit more. In fact, there really aren’t any floor coverings in the house at all! Perhaps they’ve been layered in by now, as even the desert gets cold in the winter!

The master bedroom, with its own fireplace and bright, rounded nook, is absolutely my favorite. I will definitely be referring to the layout of this space should we ever have the opportunity to build our own dream home. I would love to have an area in which to read, meditate, bask in the sun, sip my coffee, and spread out in the privacy of my own bedroom!

And we certainly can’t overlook this bath situation either – perfectly situated to be one with nature while enjoying a good soak (or shower!).

If you want to continue seeing more of this beautiful abode, you can follow along on their instagram, @desertmilkadobe.

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