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Annual Fun & Games Issue

annual-fun-&-games-issue Annual Fun & Games Issue

ALERT & Teaser


First newsletter issue? Timing is everything, isn’t it? Get ready for some fun in a few days.

I included a reminder in last Sunday’s AsktheBuilder newsletter about what’s going to happen in a few days on February 7th.

Holly sent me the following message that really put a smile on my face. She’s looking forward to Sunday and so should you:

“A great way to always start my Sunday morning is reading your thoughts, notes, funnies, and Kenny Chesney’s music is a plus for me. Can’t wait for next week’s (issue) to laugh and maybe dance and hoot and holler which we all could use at this junction of our earthly journey. Starting to get crispy at 78.”

The crispy reference Holly’s talking about is some fun I have each day in case you might reach out to me using my Ask Tim page.

On that page, I ask for an age range to help me get a handle on the situation with respect to your level of life experience. Go look for yourself as it might set the tone for what’s going to happen in a few days.

You need to understand you’ve subscribed to a newsletter written by a man that suffers from a severe case of PPS (Peter Pan Syndrome) and has pretty much perfected the art of impish behavior. All in good fun, of course.

Go Back in Time

Close your eyes. Remember back all those years ago when you first played the game of Clue?

It was mysterious, it was fun, and it exercised those tiny gray cells of yours. As an adult, you may still play the game with your grands. I know I intend to play it with my granddaughter in a few years.

The actual game of Clue has nine rooms you need to enter. Once there, you discover a clue to help you solve the mystery.

On Sunday, you’ll need to go into just a few more rooms, but I promise you it will happen so fast you’ll forget how many you visited.

I’m anxious for you to play. If you’re like most, you’ve had it with all of the insanity that’s been swirling around inside and outside your life the past eleven months.

It’s time to turn back the clock and go back in time to when life was less stressful and fun was part of your daily routine.

My editor and I have worked hard to create the mystery game you’ll play in a few days. It’s our hope you’ll have a boatload of fun. Please let us know after you play how you liked it.

I’d like to set the mood for the beginning of the mystery. The best way to do that, in my opinion, is with two songs. It would behoove you to listen to BOTH OF THEM.

CLICK or TAP HERE, sit back, close your eyes, and enjoy the music. Try to imagine what the mystery might be about.

Sunday will be here sooner than you might think…

Tim Carter

Founder –

Life Member – NH Guild of Magic, Enchantment & Mystery

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