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30 Easy Sewing Projects Perfect for Beginners


With the rise of DIY projects during the quarantine season, a lot of people are now into sewing. Here are easy sewing projects that are perfect for beginners.

Taking on a new sewing project can be intimidating, particularly if you’re a complete beginner. While it might be tempting to procrastinate, the only way to get better at sewing and needlecraft is to practice, practice, practice!

It’s important to choose an easy sewing project to match your ability level, but also one that will allow you to exercise your skills, whilst being fun and rewarding to make. We’ve found five easy sewing projects that are perfect for beginners, but also enjoyable for more advanced needlecrafters to try.

1. Retro Rockabilly Pinup Bandana 

This bandana is fun and easy to make, and it looks super cute too!. The video tutorial from YouTuber What Abi Makes is clear and easy to understand, with step by step instructions on how to create this stylish piece of headwear from scratch.

The bandana itself is simple and easy to make, cut from one very basic pattern piece. Abi gives clear instructions on how to cut out the pattern piece and then sew the headband together on your sewing machine. 

2. Cute Chapstick Holder Keychain

A neat little project that’s equal parts cute and functional, this chapstick holder keychain from Crazy Little Projects makes a perfect handmade gift. The tutorial is clear and easy to follow and the chapstick holder itself is so easy to make that you could even make multiple multiple ones at the same time (great for Christmas stocking-stuffers).

All you need for this easy sewing project is a small scrap of fabric, a keychain ring, and a chapstick. The tutorial shows you how to make a pouch for the chapstick, hem the fabric, and then to secure the keyring to it. 

Super simple, fun, and extremely easy – you can create it in no time at all.

3. Stylish Scrunchie

A beloved hair accessory of the 90s, the scrunchie is making a comeback!

This scrunchie tutorial is a super easy sewing project for sewists of all abilities, and makes a wonderful handmade gift! YouTuber Erica Arndt breaks the project down into basic and simple steps that are clear and easy to understand.

Using only some fabric, elastic, pins and, of course, a sewing machine, you can whip up this gorgeously retro hair tie in no time. The only part of the project that beginners may need to take some time with is folding away the raw edges of the scrunchie, and creating a closed-loop by putting one edge inside of the other. However, it’s all good practice!

4. Fashionable Face Masks

Face masks have never been more ‘in fashion’ than they have been in 2020, and we all know the reasons why. If you’re currently in a location where masks are mandatory, then this simple sewing project is just what you need.

YouTuber Melanie Ham makes sewing a face mask look like a breeze with this beginners tutorial. She breaks down the project into simple steps and includes pattern sizing information, with different options for men and women.

The face mask is pleated on the side to ensure a comfortable fit, and it fastens with elastic behind the ears, keeping it nice and secure. Melanie also includes fabric suggestions in her tutorial to make sure your mask is functional, as well as fashionable. 

5. Simple Snack Bags

This satisfyingly simple snack bag tutorial from Better Homes and Gardens makes creating reusable food storage solutions a breeze! The project uses less than a yard of fabric and provides sewing enthusiasts with a quick and easy project with a truly useful end-result. 

The tutorial contains a video, written instructions, and even a free printable template to make sewing these cute kitchen must-haves a breeze. The project follows step by step instructions from cutting your pattern, to adding a liner and creating the fastenings for your bag.

A fun and easy project to help sharpen your sewing skills!

6. Pretty Phone Charging Station

This gorgeous phone charging station sewing project from Positively Splendid is functional as well as fashionable. The tutorial itself contains step-by-step instructions, as well as reference photographs and a downloadable PDF featuring the pattern.

This tutorial is easy enough that beginners can take on a satisfying project, but more experienced sewists can also take part and create something enjoyable – and useful to boot! What’s more, the finished product (a cute little phone pouch you can hang up with your phone inside while it charges) makes for a great gift.

7. Functional First Aid Kit

Also from Positively Splendid, this cute little first aid kit is a great project for beginners wanting to create something truly functional and useful.

That’s a Wrap!

So there we have it! Five fabulously easy sewing projects for you to try your hand at, no matter your sewing ability. Even the complete sewing novice can create cool projects in no time, and as they say, practice makes perfect!

Which project will you be trying first? Let us know in the comments section – and don’t forget to share this article with your network!

Happy sewing.

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