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Two Houses Make a Home by Mario Mimoso


Design by: Mario Mimoso

K, 35, and P, 41, are an independent couple who bought their first house when they had their twins four years ago. K runs a small art gallery while P is a real state agent. The four of them currently live in a two-bedroom house equipped with a living room and a dining room, a kitchen, two bathrooms, a garden, and a small backyard shared with their neighbors.

However, K and P are happily awaiting the birth of a new member of the family, so sooner or later they will need to redesign their home. By coincidence, their neighbors were moving and they had the opportunity to buy the adjacent -and symmetrical- house. They finally decided to make the effort and convert both houses into a bigger one.

The Public Area

The new design features a partially open concept living and dining room, both separated by a wooden wall with a bio fireplace, allowing them to enjoy a mesmerizing and rich flame from both sides of the room, which is perfect for the coldest winter nights and which creates a great focal point in the room. The aim was to create separate spaces without losing the open concept feeling the homeowners wanted.

The Private Area

The private area features a room for the baby right next to the master bedroom with a private bathroom; a full equipped bathroom for the kids and, in order to provide this family with the desired space to enjoy and spend time playing together, a shared bedroom for the kids with two tiny made to measure walk-in closets under the beds. The house also features plenty of storage solutions along the corridor.

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