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Epic Front Door Dimensions and Sizes Guide (Charts and Tables)


Do you need to know the common front door dimensions? This is your epic guide to front door dimensions for all types of front doors.

The entry door, commonly known as the front door, is what most people consider standard for a residential building. They can be any measurement from 30 inches and up, and are available with any number of glass patterns built-in, or solid and made of wood, vinyl, or metal.

Below is an extensive series of charts and tables setting out the front door dimensions for many types of front doors.

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Center-Swing Doors with Inswing

Center swing center doors refer to what is commonly known as triple doors, the term “inswing” means the traditional style which opens into the house. Standard nominal measurements for such doors are 7-1/2 feet, 8 feet, or nine feet wide and either the standard 6’8” tall for most rooms or 8′ tall for rooms with raised ceilings. Of the three panels in the door, the one which opens for daily use can be either on the left or right side and hinged to the middle of the door structure rather than the outer edge.

Center-Swing Doors with Outswing

Center swing outswing doors are the same, except they swing out of the house to allow room inside, and have specialty hinges to prevent a burglar from removing them with common household tools.

Double Door with Venting Sidelights

The double door with venting sidelights consists of two doors built into a single unit which allows for the use of one door on a daily basis or both can be opened like an invitation to guests or to allow room for bringing in furniture. There are thin windows on either side which are the same height as the door and can be opened to allow fresh air in.

Entry Door: Front Door Frames and Panel Doors

Framed and panel doors are the typical contoured doors most people expect to see as the main entrance to the house, with several different contours that add strength and cosmetic appeal to the design. There are different sizes available, but typically about 32-34 inches is appropriate on older houses whereas building which requires handicap access is going to have doors at least 36” wide.

Entry Door Front Door Sidelights and Transoms

A transom window, sometimes called transom light, is the horizontal window over a door. Clear glass is a bit odd in such an application, although it can be used with a curtain. Most common is the use of frosted glass to allow light but not the vision to come through, stained glass can be a bit more expensive but serves the same purpose.

Entry Door with Grills

Grills can be used for decorative or security purposes, or both. Door grills are iron pieces as decorative enhancements or bars to allow glass doors to remain a sound door option without the concern of allowing unwanted entry by someone simply breaking the glass.

Replacement (Remodeler) Units

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