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September 20, 2020 AsktheBuilder Newsletter


You might be a brand new subscriber. I’m so glad you’re here. You should know that this could be the most unusual newsletter I’ve ever produced in the twenty-four years I’ve been publishing them.

Please bear with me and next Sunday you’ll see a normal one.

Are you a long-time or recent subscriber? I’m sure you’ll appreciate this issue because it’s an opportunity for you to reciprocate. I’m quite certain I’ve shared information that’s helped you, now it’s your turn to lay some great feedback and tips on me!

I Truly Need Your Help

It’s important for you to realize not only am I the founder of Ask the Builder but soon after starting my syndicated column in October of 1993, Stain Solver came to be in a most unusual way. Stain Solver is a certified organic multi-purpose cleaner. If something can get wet with water, you can use Stain Solver to clean it.

CLICK or TAP HERE to discover how Stain Solver resulted from a routine phone interview.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is not some cheesy long-form sales letter to get you to buy Stain Solver. If you’re a business person, work in a business, are a business owner, and/or have a strong business background, please keep reading.

Have you made mistakes in life? I know I have, and I continue to make them each week! They’re teaching and discovery moments. One of my biggest mistakes looking back through the lens of time was not investing more of my time in the Stain Solver business. This mistake has caused Stain Solver to languish and just putter along like one of the kiddie cars at an amusement park. It’s a product that should be mainstream.

Looking back over the past twenty-seven years, I spent nearly 99.95 percent of my time nurturing the Ask the Builder business. If I could get a redo, I’d have split my time 40 percent in the Ask the Builder endeavor and 60 percent in the Stain Solver business. But that’s water over the dam.

This is why rear-view mirrors are small and windshields are big. Right now, I’m looking forward through the windshield and you can help me have a better view.

You may be a loyal customer who uses my Stain Solver to clean countless things around your home. You know it works better than any other cleaner you’ve ever used. I get testimonials week in and week out attesting to this.

Just last week, I talked with a woman who’s a professional property manager. We had a great conversation. She said, “Tim, please don’t stop making Stain Solver and for goodness sake, please don’t alter the formula. I’ve NEVER FOUND ANYTHING that works as well and I’ve tried every cleaner out there.

She then proceeded to share a story about how Stain Solver saved a very expensive quilt that a renter had ruined with spray-on tanning lotion.

I’ve sold Stain Solver for over twenty years to a giant corporation. They use it at the end of each workday to clean coffee and food spills in cubicles and carpeted hallways throughout their massive office buildings.

I sell Stain Solver to a large motel in West Virginia. The manager uses it to clean the hallway and room carpets as well as all their ceramic floor-tile grout. Oil-field contract workers stay in the motel Sunday-Thursday.

They come back to the rooms with their oil-soaked boots and clothes and you can imagine what the carpet looks like when they check out. CLICK or TAP HERE to see how well Stain Solver gets rid of oil! Be sure to read Georgia’s short story.

Restaurants buy Stain Solver to deep-clean all their cutlery overnight and to remove grease from all kitchen surfaces.

A giant school system in California buys Stain Solver because they want to use a certified organic cleaner around the kids.

I could go on and on and on about all the different businesses that use Stain Solver to clean things with dramatic results.

How You Can Help

I’ve got an ambitious goal of doubling or tripling the Stain Solver business in the next year. That may seem like insanity but it’s possible with your help.

You may be a homeowner who uses Stain Solver and I’m glad you do. Now it’s time to increase my sales to businesses. I feel I can achieve my sales goal faster going this route. But guess what, I could be wrong and you might be able to tell me why!

I need you to help me discover the best way to sell Stain Solver to more businesses. I’ve created a giant list in alphabetical order identifying lots of businesses that can use Stain Solver.

CLICK or TAP HERE to see if your business is on the list.

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: All businesses can use Stain Solver. Remember, any surface that’s water washable, Stain Solver can deep clean better than any cleaner you now might use.

Wave Your Magic Wand

What I want to know is this: if you had a magic wand, what might be the fastest and easiest way to get Stain Solver in the hands of your business or OTHER businesses like yours? What are the challenges of trying to sell a cleaning product to your business?

Would you please do me a HUGE FAVOR and answer those questions and a few others about your business?

Imagine you’re on the Stain Solver Board of Directors and at a planning meeting discussing this ambitious plan! You’ve now got the floor and we all want to hear your ideas!

CLICK or TAP HERE to help me grow Stain Solver.

Thanks so much! I’ll report back and share some of the best suggestions.

Tim Carter

Founder – www.AsktheBuilder.com

World’s Best Cleaner – www.StainSolver.com

Generate Cool Waves – www.W3ATB.com

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